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How to Write a Furlough Letter to Employees (With Letter)

By Christopher Fear on 21 May 2020 Need to write a furlough staff because of coronavirus? Read our guide on how to write a furlough letter to employees and download our free sample letter to use. Read More

Coronavirus: What Can I Do As A Furloughed Employee?

By Christopher Fear on 24 Apr 2020 Coronavirus is playing havoc with the way that we work. We answer the question on everyone's lips at the moment: what can I do on furlough? Read More

Can Furloughed Employees Complete Training and Qualifications?

By Christopher Fear on 22 Apr 2020 Can furloughed staff do training or complete qualifications? We did some research and took a look at the small-print. Here's some useful advice for HR staff. Read More

Coronavirus: 7 Ways HR Can Support Furloughed Employees

By Christopher Fear on 17 Apr 2020 Worried about the impact of furlough on your employees? Here are 7 ways HR can support furloughed employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

Coronavirus: HR’s Complete Guide to Furloughed Employees

By Christopher Fear on 10 Apr 2020 Furloughing employees could help businesses to save jobs and money. Read our complete HR guide to furloughed employees here. Read More
There are 5 items on 1 pages.