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How the Rise of Tuition Fees Could Radically Alter Education

By Lauren Jack on 9 Aug 2016 Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll already have heard that from next year, university tuition fees in England will rise to £9250. You might think this is nothing much to worry about. The last fee rise, in 2011, almost tripled the upper limit from £3,290 to £9000 and gave an entire generation of young people a heart attack. A raise of £250 seems pretty tame by comparison. Read More

3 Learning Styles and Why They’re Vital

By ICS Learn on 19 May 2016 Order, class, order! For today's lesson, cast your mind back to being in school (be it ten years or ten minutes ago). Really imagine it – the long corridors, drab grey walls, frantic lunch hall, hot geography teacher... Read More
There are 2 items on 1 pages.