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5 Traits of a Thinking Performer in Your Business

By Louise Reilly at 22 Mar 2019
If you’re lucky enough to have a Thinking Performer among your colleagues, then you should be nurturing them. Here’s how you can spot and train them. Read More

ICS Learn Case Study: Northern Gas Networks | CIPD Courses

By ICS Learn at 21 Mar 2019
Laura Fenn, HR Advisor at Northern Gas Networks, studied her CIPD Level 7 with us for increased flexibility to take on new responsibilities at work. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Kathryn | Online IGCSE Biology Review

By ICS Learn at 20 Mar 2019
After studying our online IGCSE Biology course, Kathryn Ceillam now has the grades she needs to get onto a PGCE course in Primary Teaching. Read More

Top 10 Studying Apps for High School Students 2019

By Kirsty Chalmers at 19 Mar 2019
From the ultimate mind maps to the best digital study planner, these 10 study apps will keep you on top of your study game. Read More

ICS Learn Case Study: LMW | CIPD Courses

By ICS Learn at 18 Mar 2019
Annita Kolia, HR Business Partner in a consulting firm, had HR experience and with our CIPD Level 5 qualification she has now improved her theoretical knowledge. Read More

10 Signs You’re Ready for a New Career

By Kirsty Chalmers at 13 Mar 2019
Dread going to work? Feeling run down? Think your job is going nowhere? These are all signs that you’re ready to move on to a new stage of your career. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Diana | Online CIPD Level 5 Review

By ICS Learn at 13 Mar 2019
The flexibility of our online CIPD Level 5 course has allowed Diana Pantoja to work abroad half of the time she has been studying! Read More

How to Resit GCSE English Online | GCSEs for Adults & Teens

By Kirsty Chalmers at 11 Mar 2019
GCSE English is an important qualification to have and not having a pass can hold you back in life. Get that all-important pass by resitting online. Read More
There are 351 items on 44 pages.