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ICS Real Stories - Meet Charlotte

By Margaret Kay at 23 Oct 2014
Charlotte works as a Human Resources Assistant. She enjoys being able to support her colleagues and work within her organisation to create change. Her short-term career goal is to become an HR Advisor/Executive but her ultimate goal is to progress to a management role which she hopes to achieve by completing the CIPD programme. Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Jenna

By Margaret Kay at 14 Oct 2014
Three years ago, Jenna Scott was ready for a change of pace. Working since she was 16, and with 10 years spent in customer services, she decided to make the switch to human resources. "Why not give it a go?" she thought, and she moved to the role of Reward Assistant with her same employer. Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Ann

By Margaret Kay at 9 Oct 2014
Ann has been working as a successful self-employed career guidance counsellor for nine years. However, a lingering dream of becoming a teacher has now encouraged her to retake her IGCSE Biology to achieve the grade she would need to apply for a teaching degree. Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Ann-Kathrin

By Margaret Kay at 7 Oct 2014
ICS Learn student Ann-Kathrin graduated with a BSc Nursing degree and even though she found it difficult at times, her dedication and motivation helped her to achieve the qualification she needed in order to move on to do her Masters and PhD. You can read her full story on our blog here. Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Annabelle

By Margaret Kay at 1 Oct 2014
ICS student Annabelle from the Midlands was initially "pushed" into an HR role. Wanting to build on what she learned on the job, she decided to enrol on a distance learning CIPD course. Today she is a highly desirable candidate for a variety of roles in Human Resources. Read her full story on our blog. Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Laura

By Margaret Kay at 19 Sep 2014
ICS Learn student Laura from Surrey earned a specialist HR qualification & now works at a major international company. Read her story and get inspired! Read More

Be part of ICS real stories and inspire future learners

By Britta Lowack at 24 Jul 2014
Be part of our real stories project! We are looking for former and current students to share their success story with us to inspire the next generation of distance learners. Read More

Infographic: 10 Study Tips to Be More Productive

By Steven Duff at 15 Jan 2014
Ten tried and tested study tips, tricks and methods to supercharge your productivity while studying. Read More
There are 424 items on 53 pages.