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The Job That Pays £93,000 A Year: Thanks to Millenials

By ICS Learn at 6 Jun 2016
When you think of high-paying jobs, you probably think of banking, business, and being Beyoncé. Human resources? Not so much. (Unless the human in question is actually Beyoncé.) However, a study from Emolument reports that the compensation of senior HR managers in the UK has risen to an average £93,000 a year, including a £12,000 bonus – more than three times the national average of £27,200. Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Lee

By ICS Learn at 20 May 2016
Lee's biggest dream is to become a teacher. He's already successfully completed a degree online and now all he needs is that science GCSE to apply for teacher training. See how he's getting on with the course on our blog. Read More

Share Your Success for a Chance To Win £100 Shopping Vouchers

By ICS Learn at 20 May 2016
People often mention how our services have changed their lives for the better. As an organisation and a community, we cherish the amazing stories behind these powerful statements. Read More

3 Learning Styles and Why They’re Vital

By ICS Learn at 19 May 2016
Order, class, order! For today's lesson, cast your mind back to being in school (be it ten years or ten minutes ago). Really imagine it – the long corridors, drab grey walls, frantic lunch hall, hot geography teacher... Read More

What We Learned From The CIPD Show 2016

By ICS Learn at 19 May 2016
The CIPD L&D show was amazing this year. A really good event for any students or indeed professional individuals looking to advance their career even further in the HR or L&D industry. Read More

10 Simple Tips To Help You Learn Faster

By ICS Learn at 16 May 2016
Our minds need workouts just as much as our bodies do. Exercising our minds helps us learn faster, and learning faster helps us get more out of life. Just think of your short and long-term goals. Do you want to ace a big exam? Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Abi

By ICS Learn at 6 May 2016
Abi has only recently submitted her last assignment to complete her CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management with us. Thankful for the support she has received by our mentors, lecturers and tutors, she wanted to tell you about her home learning journey. Read More

Top 10 Essay Writing Tips For Students

By ICS Learn at 27 Apr 2016
Writing an essay is often one of the most dreaded tasks among students. Whether the essay is for a class, an exam, or maybe even a contest, most students often find the task very demanding and time consuming. While writing an essay can often be very frustrating, there are many useful steps and basic rules a student can follow that will help break down the essay writing process into manageable parts. Following this process is the easiest way to draft a successful essay, whatever its purpose might be. Read More
There are 446 items on 56 pages.