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ICS Real Stories - Meet Fiona

By ICS Learn at 31 Jul 2016
I’m 40 this year and somewhere along the way I’ve gained 20 years of HR experience but I’ve never managed to complete my CIPD qualification. I’ve held affiliate level membership for over a decade but I’ve always felt that I’ve left myself down because that affiliate doesn’t really reflect my experience or abilities. The last time I studied for more than a few days was almost 15 years ago and life has changed since then; I no longer have the luxury of focussing entirely on partying and study (I recall that was the priority order when I read Law at Swansea University!) so when I tried to pick up my CIPD a few years ago I was overwhelmed. Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Catriona

By ICS Learn at 22 Jul 2016
I have recently completed my CIPD Intermediate course and would like to share my story as it has been brilliant. When I signed up to my Intermediate CIPD course with ICS Learn I did not know what to expect as I had never done a distance learning course before. When I was signing up the advisors could not have been more helpful and informative. They made the process really straightforward and I couldn't wait to get started. Read More

7 Ultimate Apps for Success as a Personal Trainer

By Lauren Jack at 12 Jul 2016
Being a personal trainer is not a career. It’s a calling. You got into this job because you want to help people live better, healthier, lives. Because you want to push others to smash their goals and do things they never thought they could. Because you want to make the world a better place, one set of toned abs at a time. You’re a saint! A wise yogi master! You’re the hero that Gotham deserves! Read More

The Insider’s Guide to HR: How to Get Your First Job

By Lauren Jack at 29 Jun 2016
The most important (and most obvious) step is to get qualified: for most employers, a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) or equivalent is the essential indicator of a valuable employee who is serious about progressing in their HR career. (Not so subtle self-promotion: we’ve made getting one easier than ever, because we’re the only organisation in the UK who offers all CIPD levels 100% online. Not that we’re bragging or anything. Ahem.) Read More

How To Supercharge Your Accountancy Career

By Lauren Jack at 21 Jun 2016
So you want to defeat the rabid hordes of competitive accounting professionals and land your dream job. How do you go about it? Perhaps more than in any other industry, having professional accreditation is essential. AAT courses allow you to perform accounting, tax and financial advisory services, and provide the foundation for becoming a Chartered Accountant. Read More

The Job That Pays £93,000 A Year: Thanks to Millenials

By ICS Learn at 6 Jun 2016
When you think of high-paying jobs, you probably think of banking, business, and being Beyoncé. Human resources? Not so much. (Unless the human in question is actually Beyoncé.) However, a study from Emolument reports that the compensation of senior HR managers in the UK has risen to an average £93,000 a year, including a £12,000 bonus – more than three times the national average of £27,200. Read More

10 Signs That You're Ready For A New Career

By ICS Learn at 30 May 2016
Have you ever asked yourself why you go to work? We can’t all be Sam Smith doing it for the love, and most of us do have money on our minds. But there’s more to work than paying the bills. We spend most of our limited time on this earth working, and it has the potential to make you inspired, motivated and fulfilled - if you’re lucky enough to pick the.... Read More

ICS Real Stories - Meet Lee

By ICS Learn at 20 May 2016
Lee's biggest dream is to become a teacher. He's already successfully completed a degree online and now all he needs is that science GCSE to apply for teacher training. See how he's getting on with the course on our blog. Read More
There are 405 items on 51 pages.