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ICS Real Stories: Meet Amy | AAT Foundation & Advanced Review

By ICS Learn at 18 May 2017
Amy was a performing arts student before discovering her love of accountancy. ICS Learn were able to help Amy fill in the gaps in her expertise. Read More

Balancing Work, Family, and Study

By Stephen Blythe at 18 May 2017
When you’re already working a full-time job, adding study into the mix can seem intimidating. Find out how to balance your life commitments with our tips. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Meet Ahmed | CIPD Review | Middle East

By ICS Learn at 11 May 2017
Borders are no barriers when it comes to studying with us. Our student Ahmed is studying his CIPD L&D qualification online from Qatar. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Meet Stephanie | Online A Level Psychology Review

By ICS Learn at 3 May 2017
Our A Level Psychology student Stephanie was wary that online learning would be difficult for someone who'd only ever learned in a classroom. Read More

10 More Top Studying Apps for High School Students

By Lauren Jack at 2 May 2017
If you want to manage your high school timetable, give amazing presentations, memorise your notes or ditch the distractions, these apps are for you. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Meet Klaudia | Online CIPD Level 7 Review

By ICS Learn at 27 Apr 2017
Klaudia moved to the UK from Poland 10 years ago, and knew she needed something to make employers sit up and take notice. That's why she chose CIPD Level 7. Read More

How to Give Constructive Feedback

By Lauren Jack at 26 Apr 2017
Giving constructive criticism can feel like walking a tightrope. Use this three-step system to get your point across smoothly without causing offence. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Meet Lewis | IGCSE English Language Review

By ICS Learn at 20 Apr 2017
When Lewis couldn't attend school because of his illness, he found the flexibility of ICS Learn's online courses meant he could continue to excel in his studies. Read More
There are 324 items on 41 pages.