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HR's Guide to Bank Holidays

By Louise Reilly at 15 Apr 2019
Bank holidays can be hectic times in HR, with some misinformation about bank holiday policies compounding this. We're demystifying these with this guide. Read More

5 Unmissable Reasons to Attend CIPD's New Festival of Work

By Louise Reilly at 10 Apr 2019
This summer, the CIPD are combining two of their top events into one massive Festival of Work, we're here with 5 reasons you should consider attending. Read More

The Top 5 Podcasts for HR Professionals

By Louise Reilly at 28 Mar 2019
Ready to learn in a new way? These HR podcasts could help you to brush up on your knowledge and even help you to implement new policies. Read More

The 7 Weirdest Interview Questions Used by Top Companies

By Louise Reilly at 26 Mar 2019
We’ve all had an odd interview question dropped into the mix from time to time. Find out how top companies test their candidates with weird questions here. Read More

We're Gold Sponsors of the CIPD Middle East People Conference 2019

By Louise Reilly at 6 Mar 2019
We’re delighted to be a part of the CIPD Middle East People Conference 2019 as the Gold Sponsor; find out why here. Read More

6 Proven Strategies for Building Your HR Network Naturally

By Kirsty Chalmers at 26 Feb 2019
Building your HR network can be a challenge. Give our 6 tried and tested ways a go and watch your HR network naturally grow. Read More

ICS Real Stories: Joshua | Online CIPD Level 3 & 5 Review

By ICS Learn at 20 Feb 2019
Within 6 weeks of completing our online CIPD Level 3 course Joshua had landed himself his first ever HR job! He's since come back to study Level 5 with us too.  Read More

Ending Employment – How to Break up with Underachieving Employees

By Louise Reilly at 15 Feb 2019
With Valentine’s Day over for another year, you may not be feeling the love with certain employees. Find out how to break it off, without the heartbreak. Read More
There are 62 items on 8 pages.