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5 Key Lessons to Teach Your HR Apprentice

By Louise Reilly at 6 Sep 2019
Mentoring an HR apprentice can be greatly rewarding. If you’re responsible for their workplace training, here are 5 key lessons you should cover. Read More

How to Tackle Procurement Fraud in Your Organisation

By Louise Reilly at 5 Sep 2019
If you want to protect your organisation from losses caused by procurement fraud, then check out this blog for actionable steps and clear instructions. Read More

10 Marketing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

By Louise Reilly at 4 Sep 2019
Marketing has an integral role to play in driving sales, engaging customers and maintaining reputation. Make sure you're not making these marketing mistakes. Read More

The Benefits of a CIPS Procurement Qualification

By Louise Reilly at 3 Sep 2019
Considering gaining a CIPS procurement qualification? Check out this blog to learn how this qualification will benefit you and your organisation. Read More

5 Steps to Get HR into the Boardroom in Your Organisation

By Louise Reilly at 28 Aug 2019
Getting a seat in the boardroom can be tricky but HR have valuable insight to share. Take these steps to get your function into the boardroom. Read More

How to Develop Your L&D Apprentice on the Job

By Louise Reilly at 26 Aug 2019
An apprenticeship allows a new or existing employee to upgrade their skills through on- and off-the-job training. Find more about on-the-job training here. Read More

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Working in L&D

By Louise Reilly at 23 Aug 2019
If you're considering a career in L&D, you may have spoken with others in the profession. However, you may not have heard about these 10 important things. Read More

HR Book Review: HR Beyond the Theory by Charles Goff-Deakins

By Louise Reilly at 22 Aug 2019
Are you thinking of picking up a copy HR Beyond the Theory by Charles Goff-Deakins? We've read and reviewed this book from this ICS Learn student here. Read More
There are 70 items on 9 pages.