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GCSE Results Day 2014 - Linzi King

By Britta Lowack at 28 Aug 2015
Results Day 2015 is now only a few weeks away and whilst you're patiently and probably nervously waiting for your results to be revealed, why not have a read of Linzi's story who successfully passed her GCSE Maths exam with a grade C last year. Read More

GCSE Results Day 2014 - Anthony Atkins

By Britta Lowack at 21 Jul 2015
With A Level and GCSE/IGCSE result days being less than a month away, we want to share some of our students' success stories with you from 2014. Read more on our blog here. Read More

GCSE Results 2015

By Britta Lowack at 26 Jun 2015
It's that time of the year again for hundreds of thousands of students - the exam stress has been and gone, but now the long wait until the grades are released begins. We've put together some information on the most important questions around GCSE results. You can read it here. Read More

A Level Reform 2015 - What do the changes mean for you?

By Britta Lowack at 9 Jan 2015
When the current government came into power, they decided that the secondary school system needed to be reformed. According to them students weren’t learning the necessary basics and exams were too easy. They have, therefore, made changes to the current content and exam structure. These changes will be reflected in our A Level portfolio in 2015. Read More

Be part of ICS real stories and inspire future learners

By Britta Lowack at 24 Jul 2014
Be part of our real stories project! We are looking for former and current students to share their success story with us to inspire the next generation of distance learners. Read More
There are 5 items on 1 pages.