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Maths and money matters

Five years may have passed since the global economic crisis but the costs of day to day living show no signs of easing. Figures recently compiled by the House of Commons library show that UK citizen's wages have dropped 5.5%. According to these statistics this is a bigger drop in wages than the likes of Portugal, Spain and Holland. It is the fourth worst decline in income in the European Union. This contrasts with the likes of Germany, whose workers wages actually increased by 2.7%.

In this particularly tough economic environment it is essential to people that they look after their money and savings as best they can.

But unfortunately many members of the public in the UK are not particularly confident in their maths abilities and too many suffer in silence as this inability could potentially affect their standard of living. If this is a position you find yourself in why not look at the possibility of doing something about with the help of ICS. We offer courses in Maths at GCSE and A-Level. By sitting one of these courses it could significantly improve your comprehension of Maths and give you a much needed confidence boost in dealing with your finances. To find out more you can click here for more information on our Maths courses.

If you have a desire to pursue money matters even further you could click here for information on the accountancy courses that we offer. Not only would these courses help you understand Mathematics better but they could eventually lead to better career prospects, leading to better paying job.

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