ApprenticeshipHR Consultant/Partner (Level 5)

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Why partner with us?

We deliver digital-first, RoATP-approved HR Consultant/Partner apprenticeships that use your levy funds to build a world-class HR management team.

Our apprenticeship leaders will consult with you in-house to ensure you effectively manage your apprenticeship levy, then work with you to design a programme that makes tactical use of your funds.


Self-paced online learning meets the 20% training requirement with minimum disruption.

Your HR Consultant/Partner apprentices will learn to strategically manage the HR function to achieve your business goals. They can be:

  1. New talent
  2. Existing staff


The apprenticeship will last roughly 18 months and consists of:

  1. Our online CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Certificate in HR Management course
  2. 3 face-to-face group workshops
  3. 6 live teaching webinars
  4. 10 online progress reviews
  5. 6 office visits from your apprenticeship tutor


The CIPD Level 5 course covers six modules:

  1. Developing Professional Practice
  2. Using Information in HR
  3. Business Issues and the Contexts of HR
  4. Managing and Coordinating the HR Function
  5. Resourcing and Talent Planning
  6. Employment Law


Your HR Consultant/Partner apprentices will benefit from unlimited 1:1 support and interactive online learning that fits into their schedule.

They’ll receive:

  1. A Level 5 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualification in HR Management
  2. Interactive online learning materials they can study from anywhere, at any time, at a pace that works for them and you
  3. Unlimited 1:1 tutor support from CIPD experts, available anytime via phone or online messaging
  4. Workshops and live webinars with other apprentices to help your learners put their knowledge into practice
  5. Regular online and in-person progress reviews to ensure your learners are progressing successfully

Please note that the mandatory CIPD annual membership fee is not eligible for levy funding and must be paid separately by your organisation or apprentice.


Contact our apprenticeship consultants using the form above or on 0800 092 2072 to discuss using your apprenticeship levy to build a first-class CIPD-recognised HR team.