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ICS Diploma Courses

If you enrol on one of our ICS Diploma courses, you will be able to demonstrate that you have accumulated subject specific knowledge in a chosen area of study. The fundamentals taught in our non-accredited ICS diploma distance learning courses can then be used as a basis for further studies or to start your own business.

The courses are assessed in form of assignments and end of unit tests. Upon completion students will receive an ICS diploma that proves the achievement in distance learning.

What our Students Say

“The course helped me get my new job.”

I genuinely believe that the Personnel Management course I did with ICS helped me get my new job. The subject of my new qualification came up when I was interviewed and I think it impressed them. ICS offered a really well laid out course. It had modules that I could complete in a few hours and progress checks that helped me stick at it.

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Rating: 4.6
ICS Diplomas