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GCSE Courses


GCSEs are an academic qualification achieved by students in secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They have replaced the previous 'O Levels' in 1988. Colleges and employers highly value GCSEs which is why they are studied by adult learners who want to improve or update their qualifications.


Available in a wide range of academic and work-related subjects, the courses mainly involve studying the theory of a subject, combined with some investigative work and, in some subjects, practical work.


IGCSEs are an international adaptation of the UK GCSE and have become immensely popular with learners and teachers both internationally and within the UK. 


With ICS you will study your GCSE or IGCSE course from home. Our tutors will provide you with test papers and mock exams so that you gain valuable feedback on your progress. To achieve your qualification you will be assessed externally through the official awarding bodies.


What our Students Say

“I gained a place on my chosen university course.”

I am 36 years old and dreamed of becoming a midwife, so I took an Access course and embarked on my ICS GCSE in maths. I had to take a maths exam before my interview and subsequently gained a place on my chosen university course. My maths skills are required throughout my university course and will be required throughout my new career.

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