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A Level Courses

A Levels are one of the most common qualifications sought by universities. Good A Level qualifications can give you access to Higher Education as well as employment.

Introduced in 1951, A Levels test knowledge and understanding of many different subjects, but require more in-depth study and greater insight. AS Levels, first introduced introduced in 2001, count as half an A Level.To find out more about AS Level courses please contact one of our education advisors directly.

A and AS Level courses can be studied from anywhere at any time and distance learning is an ideal option for mature learners who want to fit their studies around their lifestyle.

What our students say

Thirteen-year-old Cameron Thompson gained an A grade in A Level Maths and is currently studying A level Physics. His family turned to distance learning so Cameron could learn maths in his spare time at home while still attending a mainstream school with his friends. Cameron‘s dad said: “Cameron is well ahead of his age in terms of his mathematical ability so we’re really happy that he is able to pursue this through distance learning."

Roderick Thompson from Penley, Wales