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Tutors and Mentors

Meet Your Tutor

Once you have enrolled on one of our courses you are assigned a dedicated tutor who is a carefully selected subject expert in the field of your study. Each of our tutors has experience in teaching distance learning courses and knows the challenges as well as advantages of online and distance learning.


Your tutor provides you with academic support and answers any queries you may have regarding your course including its content and assessments. They ensure that you are fully prepared to successfully pass your coursework and exams (if applicable) by providing and marking effective revision aids such as test papers and mock exams. Your papers are all marked in a constructive manner so you know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Meet an ICS Tutor


Get In Touch with Your Tutor

Reactive tutor support is unlimited throughout the duration of your studies. However, you decide at what pace you wish to progress through the course. Although your tutor is your personal academic guide, he won't be telling you when and how often to study. You are responsible for setting your own realistic deadlines.


The level of interaction between students and their tutor can vary greatly. Some students are happy to get on with their studies with little guidance and support from their assigned tutor. Others regularly contact their tutors for help.


You can get in touch with your tutor via the Student Community. All you have to do is log on to the Student Community, access your course and submit your Tutor Help Request via the Support Request function. Your tutor will respond to you within two working days.

Alternatively, if you wish to call your tutor, to discuss a more complex matter for example, just get in touch with the Student Services team. They arrange for your tutor to call you within one working day.

Meet Your Mentor

If you are enrolled on one of our CIPD or Nursing courses you are also entitled to unlimited support by our team of highly experienced mentors. Your mentor is your first point of contact for the duration of your course from enrolment right through to graduation.


During the induction call your dedicated mentor gives you all the necessary information you need to effectively commence your studies. Moreover, they  support you in setting up your timetable and deadlines and will closely monitor your progress to ensure that you have the best chance of successfully completing your studies.


To make your student journey as smooth as possible they complete all administrative tasks for you. These include booking your workshops, exams, and arranging your tutor time.

Meet an ICS Mentor


Get In Touch With Your Mentor

Your mentor proactively monitors your progress and sends you regular progress checks. If you are behind your study schedule and haven't accomplished the milestones you should have, they help you get back on track.


You can get in touch with your mentor directly via email and phone without having to go through the Student Community first.