Support and Guidance

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Support is an essential and important part of our distance learning service.

Occasionally students don't choose distance learning to achieve their goal due to a fear of being alone and not receiving the support they need. However with us you will have the reassurance of total support from our expert Tutors, friendly Student Advisors and, on some courses, our skilled Mentors to guide you through your studies.

As one of our students you'll be able to arrange a call from our experienced tutors and contact them by email whenever you feel the need.  You'll also have access to our online Student Community, allowing you to chat with other students, get study tips and advice, submit assessments and queries.

Some of our Tutors and Mentors have gone on video so you can get a better understanding of what they do and how they help you. Simply click on the images below to watch the video.

Your Tutor:

The main role of your Tutor is to provide you with the academic support you need to allow you to successfully complete your studies. Not every course requires a tutor, however, when required, we make sure your tutor supports you when you need it and their responses help to keep you motivated as you study.

All our tutors have expert knowledge of their field and relevant teaching experience, so you are sure to get professional advice and support throughout your course. Tutors are usually involved in marking your work and answering queries you submit electronically or by phone. When they mark your work, they will do so in a constructive manner by giving you relevant feedback to allow you to improve and succeed in your studies.

Your Student Advisor:

Our Student Advisor team are here to answer any administrative queries you may have, so you can focus on your studies. They provide valuable help and support ranging from updating your account details and arranging tutor contact, to tracking material despatch and amending your payment details. Although we strive to tell you everything you need to know from the outset, we understand that you may have queries or issues from time to time. Our service advisors are there to listen and resolve any issue that may arise, be it a cancellation, course transfer or complaint, finding an appropriate solution in the shortest time possible.

In addition, you can get in touch with us and your tutor via the Student Community. It also allows you to track your progress, submit assignments, update your information plus interact with other students.

Your Mentor:

If you are studying one of our CIPD programmes or undertaking one of our degree courses , our mentor team will provide you with ongoing support from the moment you enrol until the day you graduate, helping you whenever you need it.

To help you get started, you receive a welcome and induction call (or email if we don't get to speak to you) to give you all the information you need to successfully approach your studies, register and access useful resources.

Your Mentor will also guide you throughout your studies by helping you set your timetable and timescales to achieve what you need to. They also make sure you get regular updates on relevant milestones as well as keeping you advised of any changes that may concern you.

The role of your Mentor is not only to provide you with personalised and regular support so you have more chances to succeed, but it is also to encourage and motivate you by being proactive and directing you to relevant support when you need it.