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ICS Professional Floristry

ICS Professional Floristry

Our Professional Floristry course will teach you the tricks and techniques used by professional florists to create stunning flower arrangements which really make an impact. Whether you have designs on becoming a florist yourself, or simply want to add some glamour to your own floral arrangements, this floristry course will give you the know-how and confidence to display your floral flair.

Our Professional Floristry course lets you in on the secrets and hints that make professional flower arrangement stand out from the crowd, and guides you through the processes of sourcing, preparing, designing and arranging floral displays for clients or for your own home.

You'll start with the basic principles of flower arranging, such as the qualities of different flowers and the different handling techniques they require. Then, you'll explore the relationship between colours and the appropriateness of various designs for different occasions, such as wedding flowers and bridal bouquets, funeral flowers and hospital gifts.

A study of the various styles of flower arrangement - from the Japanese Ikebana to Mille Fleur, Biedermeier and parallel design - will give you the inspiration you need to create your own look, using the beginner's floristry kit you'll receive with your enrolment.

Entry Requirements

You don't need any previous experience or qualifications to enrol in our Professional Floristry course. That's because we believe in making home study - and a rewarding future - as accessible as possible. 

Where will I go from here?

Once you graduate from the Professional Floristry course, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to take on a career in floristry. You may decide to hone your skills as a floristry assistant in an established business. Alternatively, you'll have gained fundamental knowledge in the subject, and taken the first steps towards launching into your own floristry business, if you so wish.

What will I gain?

On completion, you'll receive the ICS Diploma in Professional Floristry.


Assessments are a great way of checking your progress. Throughout the Professional Floristry course, you'll complete 11 assessments, each consisting of 15-20 multiple-choice questions.

Generally, assessments can be sent to us online via the ICS Student Community: it's the fastest way to receive your results.

What will I get?

Teaching support

  • We won't leave you on your own. Your experienced personal tutor will be available online and over the phone, ready to help you with all the guidance and motivation you need to help you complete the Professional Floristry course.

Peer support

  • When you enrol, you become part of the ICS Online Student Community. As well as being able to contact tutors and submit work online, you'll have instant access to your fellow students, and the chance to discuss your work, ask questions and make new friends.

Specialised texts

  • All of your teaching materials have been prepared by experts in your chosen field. They've also been devised with the unique requirements of home study in mind, making them highly effective distance learning tools.
  • As a Professional Floristry student, you'll receive a colour wheel and the supporting text book - Professional Floristry Techniques, along with the support DVD: Step by Step Flowers for Your Home. You'll also receive a complimentary Beginners Floristry Kit (selection of wires, stem and pot tape, oasis fix, selection of ribbon, block of foam, small dish, floristry scissors, knife).

Study Period

9 months

Hours of study

90 hours

That's equivalent to a little less than 2 ½ hours of study a week over the nine-month support period.

Support period

9 months

Course code


Course cost


In stock

Additional fees

There are no examination or registration fees for our Professional Floristry course.

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Key Topics

Introduction to Floral Design and Flowers

  • Examine a wide variety of flowers and learn their characteristics and how to handle them. Consider which flowers are most appropriate for specific arrangements, such as a hospital arrangement. Learn a variety of wiring techniques. Discover which flowers complement different types of containers, such as pottery or copper containers.

Elements and Principles of Design

  • Explore the elements and principles of design, as well as design techniques. Examine colour theory as it applies to floral design. Learn what time of day is best to pick flowers and how best to cut flowers. Consider how long cut flowers will last and learn how to prolong their life.

Design Style and Techniques

  • Explore the Ikebana, western line, Hogarth, formal linear, crescent, Mille Fleur, Biedermeier and parallel design styles. Consider possible applications of each style.

Celebration and Sympathy Flowers

  • Learn how to design the most appropriate bouquets and floral accessories for the bridal party based on the dresses, the bride's personality and the budget. Discover how to design personal adornment flowers, and how to create floral arrangements for both the wedding and the reception. Learn how to design appropriate displays for funerals.

Flowers for Festive Events

  • Discover how to design floral arrangements for Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Mother's Day and other holidays and special occasions. Explore artificial arrangements and arrangements that combine both artificial and fresh materials. Examine floral relay services.

Course fee: £429 (excluding discounts)

Speak to one of our course advisors now to discuss your payment options.