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Marketing: it's at the core of all business. Careers in marketing can be highly rewarding, and your marketing skills can be the making or breaking of your company.


ICS distance learning marketing courses allow you to study marketing at a place and pace to suit you, and can equip you with marketing skills and knowledge including public relations, market research methods, and networking skills. You can gain CIM marketing qualifications, including the industry-recognised CIM Diploma in Marketing.

What our students say

Distance learning appealed to me as I could study in my own time without trying to attend evening classes that would interfere with my family life. I chose ICS because they were able to offer the type of professional course that would enable me to receive a recognised qualification. I would recommend ICS as a distance learning institution as the course material was very interesting, practical and the course advisors were helpful.

Susan Breeze, ICS Graduate – CIM Introductory Certificate in Marketing