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Health and Social Care

Health and social care affects us all, and careers in health and social care can be hugely fulfilling. Depending on the health care jobs you have in mind, the studies can be demanding, but the wide range of health and social care courses we offer at ICS will fit every level.


Our ICS distance learning health and social care courses range from school-level courses to a BSC Nursing top-up degree modules. Study our care courses to see which will be right for you and the care careers you are aiming for. 


What our students say

The courses are fantastic and are laid out in a way that is easy to follow. When I was confused or I didn't quite understand something the tutors and student support teams were always helpful and didn't mind answering any of my queries, no matter how small. By learning from home I've also saved money on the inconvenient costs of going to college, such as travel or child care, and I can spend even more quality time with my child.

Hannah Burt - BTEC in Health and Social Care