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Events and Hospitality

The events and hospitality industry has many facets, from business conferences to banquets, arranging meetings to planning weddings, events management is a field where you will find plenty of challenge and variety.


At ICS we offer you distance learning courses in wedding planning and in conference and event management. You can enjoy coming up with wedding ideas and planning major events, and get into the important detail of food safety and food hygiene.


Our choice of distance learning event and hospitality management courses will prepare you for everything from planning your own wedding to whole careers in events management - or help you onto the next step if you are already working in the hospitality industry.

What our students say

After I was made redundant I did think to myself, what am I going to do now? I've always had a strong interest in photography so spent time studying it. However I also love organising and planning events so I thought I'd combine both photography and wedding planning. I wanted to learn what goes on behind the scenes to bring a wedding day to life. I didn't have anything to lose and if it worked out I'd be fulfilling a dream.

Chantal Lachance-Gibson, Glasgow - ICS Wedding Planner